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Periodic “health check” in any function is essential in evaluating performance and identifying areas of improvement. This is best done by an outsider who can assess things from an unbiased and independent point of view. 


With a focus on people, process, tools and governance, our talent consultants work closely with clients in reviewing and evaluating the current state of their recruiting operations, identify gaps and challenges and make recommendations on areas of improveent, be it process, tools, team expertise utilization or training needs.


Recruitment Audit

snipeAUDIT is a comprehensive recruitment process audit that helps customers understand the current state of its recruiting operations. We start with interviewing your recruiting team, hiring managers and other relevant stakeholders in the company. We collect data from your systems, benchmark the KPIs and metrics against industry standards and also identify the process bottlenecks and other factors impacting your hiring. 
In addition to tools & technology, we focus on People, Process and Performance areas and propose improvements. Our goal is to strike the right balance among all these components to ensure that your recruiting team meets and exceeds industry standards and consistently hits their hiring goals.

Analyze - Evaluate - Advise

Implement - Support - Optimize

Recruitment Process Transformation

Implementation of recommendations and actionable steps post a recruitment audit is absolutely essential to achieving the productivity objectives that our customers set out for. Our experienced practitioners successfully implement the suggested improvements across all areas including people, process, and tools through a proven methodology ensuring the benefits are realized quickly.

Implementing new tools, new process workflow & integration, team integration, training, metrics & KPIs and change management are some of the key highlights of our recruitment process transforming consulting.


Tools Evaluation

As part of our 'innovate to excel' philosophy, SNIPEBRIDGE is constantly learning and investing in new recruiting tools and technologies that drive process efficiency and improve quality of hire. Our Tools Evaluation offering is geared towards companies that are looking to leverage the  latest and greatest digital solutions, especially in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space.

Our evaluation process starts with understanding your pain points and the recruiting goals you are struggling to meet. These are often in areas of candidate experience, longer time to hire, improving quality and numbers in candidate sourcing, to name a few. We then make powerful recommendations on tools that would meet your individualized needs and help you achieve the operational goals. Our alliance with tool vendors also helps you get access to leading technology solutions at a discounted price.

Evaluate - Recommend - Train

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