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SNIPEBRIDGE offers a comprehensive suite of talent acquisition solutions to address the continuously changing recruitment needs of an organization. Whether you are looking for an end-to-end acquisition service, have a defined hiring project, need help with seasonal or on-demand recruiting or interested in a blended services model; we offer multiple options to meet your unique recruitment needs and budget.


Our engagement models are efficient & result-driven and can be executed from client's own premises or remotely from SNIPEBRIDGE offices. We also offer Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS) that delivers partial recruitment life-cycle services including sourcing, candidate scheduling, on-boarding and more. Our Executive Search solutions are more geared towards permanent hiring of Senior Professionals and Sales teams in the US.


             Managed Services             Project Based             Recruitment as a Service

How we Work

How We Work

360° approach & execution

Understand The Why & What

Company - business, culture, values

Position - Objective, Role, Personality, Expectations

Prospective Employee - benefits, growth, motivation

Challenges / Gaps / Risks

Measure, Review, Improve

Evaluate SLAs / KPIs / Quality / Cost 

Feedback  / Issues / Gaps

Improvise / Optimize

Talent Acqusition Process

Strategize & Plan

Position Marketing

RPO Engagement Model

Fulfillment Goals, Timeline, Metrics


Team / Tools / Process

Sourcing / Screening / Interviewing / Assessment

Verification / Offer / closing / Onboarding

Managed Services Model


From talent attraction to acquisition to on-boarding – our experienced team of talent experts manage your complete talent acquisition cycle. Companies that have an existing recruiting operation as well as start-ups looking to set up a new recruiting function to support business growth are a perfect candidate for this model.

We take full ownership of recruiting or supplement your existing hiring team by creating an individualized service experience based on the requirements of the business and hiring goals.


Every engagement is governed by SLAs & Metrics ensuring quality of service and continuous improvement. Depending on your need, we deliver this solution through an onsite, offsite or a virtual delivery model. LEARN MORE...

Total Ownership &



Fixed Scope

Fixed Time

Project Based Model

Project-Based talent acquisition model is a targeted solution designed to achieve specific hiring objectives within a specified time frame. This solution is tailored to respond to a company’s constantly evolving recruitment needs.  We provide a scalable, agile and responsive recruiting engine to fulfill urgent hiring needs.


Companies with seasonal hiring, hard-to-fill positions, foreign hiring and setting up a new department or business division are a perfect candidate for this model.


A defined scope of work and deliverables, fixed timeline to deliver and fixed price commercial model are the key ingredients of this model. LEARN MORE...


Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) Model      


Our RaaS solution is geared towards companies who are growing fast and unable to ramp-up their recruiting operations or who simply want to outsource specific non-core recruiting tasks and achieve required flexibility and scale.

In RaaS solution, companies can outsource a part of their recruiting process or a combination of recruiting tasks including job posting, sourcing & screening, scheduling & coordination, skills & personality assessment, social media updates, employment verification, on-boarding, research, talent pipeline creation and more.

This is a co-management model driven by experienced recruiting professionals from snipebridge who seamlessly integrate with customer's existing recruiting and HR teams and deliver the specific recruiting tasks. LEARN MORE...

Subscription Model


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