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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Every firm has its unique design philosophy, specializes in specific typologies and disciplines and cultivates a distinctive workplace culture and environment. One may be passionate about sustainability or creating modern functional designs while another may incorporate certain elements or materials in their designs that become their hallmark. The roles they are seeking to fill may sound similar in title and responsibilities but the talent they are seeking is always very different from one another.

At SNIPEBRIDGE, we recognize that hiring in AEC goes beyond evaluating just experience and skills and there are many other factors involved in making a GOOD HIRE. Our recruiting team is  experienced in driving meaning conversations with prospective employees and goes deeper in their evaluations to ensure the best fit.



SNIPEBRIDGE has worked with leading AEC firms that specialize in various typologies including residential, hospitality, commercial, healthcare and more. Over the years, our recruiting team has developed expertise in evaluating candidates who work in these typologies based on project type, scale, value and design sense to ensure right fit for customer roles. We have built an unrivalled network of prospective employees that specialize in the following typologies:

Large Modern House with Pool


High-end Single Family, Estate

Multi-Family, Penthouses, Condos, Affordable Living

Architectural Building

Civic & Cultural

Museums, Theaters

Hotel Resort at Sunrise


Eco-Luxury Resorts & Hotels

Grid Pattern Building

Public Infrastructure

Train Stations, Airports

Top View of a Shopping Mall


Mixed-Use, Retail, Workplace, Industrial

College Campus


K-12, College, Universities. Government

Hospital Employees


Hospitals, ER/Urgent Care & Medical Offices

Sports Stadium

Sports Facility

Arenas, Training facilities, College Sports facilities

Disciplines & Practices

Disciplines & Practices

SNIPEBRIDGE hires practitioners across various disciplines in AEC. These include roles such as Architectural & Interior Designers, Project Managers, Project Architects, Project Coordinators, Job Captains, Planners & Estimators, Engineers, Production experts and more. We also hire for specialized roles such as BIM, Building Science, Building Performance, Visualization artists, Draftsman, Spec Writer and more. 

We also work with AEC firms on senior management and leadership roles including the level of Sr. Associates, Director, Sr. Directors, Principals and C-level folks. Besides functional roles, our team also hires for support functions including HR, Finance, Business Development, Technology and General Administration.

Architectural Building

Architecture & Design




Interior Design

Aerial View of Modern Neighborhood


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