A low unemployment rate and a competitive marketplace has made it quite challenging for companies to attract talent, especially the passive candidates. snipebridge implements a proven talent attraction strategy through creative recruitment marketing and employer branding programs that engage with potential candidates continuously for improving visibility and generating interest in client's hiring positions.


Recruitment Marketing             Employer Branding


Recruitment Marketing

If you are not 'out there' marketing your employment opportunities and your brand, you are not going anywhere. snipebridge recruitment marketing experts combine unique position branding material with suitable advertising platforms to attract the best talent that our clients need.


From clearly defining the role (skills, experience, qualifications, duties, responsibilities, etc.), crafting selling highlights (growth opportunities, benefits, employer culture, etc.), selecting a suitable platform based on the industry & skills (Linkedin, Talent Communities, Indeed, Medzilla, career Builder, Facebook) for posting and advertising the job, to leveraging AI tools to measure the return, snipebridge drives all aspects of candidate engagement.


Our recruitment marketing is more focused towards attracting and engaging passive candidates that may not be actively seeking a job change...LEARN MORE


Employer Branding


A recent study shows that candidates who are less aware of a company's brand are also least impressed and motivated by it to join or give referrals. Telling a brand's story compellingly is absolutely essential today in attracting and engaging future employees. Also, a company's presence on social media and talent communities is equally important for visibility and recall for candidates.


Our branding professionals work closely with client's executive leadership, HR stakeholders and marketing teams in understanding the company, it's business and hiring objectives and help them craft their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that will attract and engage future employees. The brand strategy is designed and executed around  EVP, target audience and suitable communication channels to ensure our client's name, reputation, strengths & values are communicated clearly and widely...LEARN MORE

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