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It's all about

the right fit

Workforce Solutions for High-Growth Companies


We Drive The Hiring
You Focus On Growing The Business

Talent acquisition is the most important function in a company. When you hire the right people, the success is limitless, while a bad hire can become a costly mistake. SNIPEBRIDGE engages in a strategic partnership with its customers and employs creative and individualized recruiting solutions to acquire the right talent and fast. 




and people are more complicated than Rockets!

People, Process and Passion  

We are fanatical about success!

Our individualized program incorporates talent intelligence, function specialization, process automation and use of AI to engage and nurture quality talent and accelerate the hiring cycle.


Acceleration in Time to Hire

Increase in Candidate Pipeline


Higher Online Job Visibility 


Retention in New Hires




Every year we spend more on recruiting resources but still continue to struggle in filling our talent needs

Young Businessman

HR Manager

Principal Architect

I need someone who has similar design style as ours and fits into the unique culture of our organization

I thought adding more recruiters would help us get ahead of the curve

Middle Aged Woman

Product Manager

The longer hiring cycle has impacted  our product release timeline

Businessman with Glasses

VP, Engineering

New employee turnover is killing us, too much effort and time is being wasted in re-hiring and re-training

Young Woman with Curly Hair

Lead Recruiter

Almost all of my time is spent on applications and coordinating interviews, wish I had more time to source quality candidates myself

How We Engage


Whether you are a start-up or initiating a new project or simply setting up a new business division, We will build your recruiting engine from scratch to help you meet your talent needs in the required time and budget.


We will run your existing talent acquisition operation or augment your current team to drive specific recruiting functions including position marketing, talent sourcing, behavioral assessments, on-boarding, executive search and more.


We will audit your recruitment processes, identify gaps and recommend changes to transform your recruiting operations for improved efficiency and quality of hire. Our employee branding strategy will help you attract the best talent.

360° Approach to Success

Approach to successfull talent aquisition or RPO
Repeat Business
Client Retention
Contract Expansion
Client Satisfaction Rate

" Hire Right, Because the Penalties for Hiring Wrong Are Huge.
To hire well, one needs a more scientific process that precisely matches people’s values, abilities, and skills with the organization’s culture and its career paths "


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