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Helping A Leading Seattle Design House

Hire The Best Talent

19,000 | 2100 338 | 102





12 months

The Client

Founded: 1966


Client since: August 2018

Industry: Architecture and Interior Design

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

An industry leading International design firm

They set the standard for sustainability and kinetic architecture and have worked on such projects as the renovation of The Space Needle, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Center, and the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa, OK.

The Challenge

The company hit an unprecedented state of growth. Internal talent acquisition team was not geared to scale up fast enough. Experience with staffing agencies was less than desirable in terms of the quality of candidates & time to hire.


Longer hiring cycle was hurting the operations team, forcing shuffling of staff to address customer priorities. Overall productivity was taking a hit and burdening the hiring managers with reviewing a large number of unsuitable candidates and taking away their precious time. 

Considering the company was short-staffed and people were stretched, it was starting to affect customer deliveries. The leadership realized that in order to get to the next level, they needed to transform their hiring function. They opted to go with a strategic and long term solution and engaged snipebridge to help them meet their hiring goal.

Engagement Objective

snipebridge Solution

snipebridge Solution.png

Key Success Metrics

In 12 Months

19,000 Candidates Sourced

2,100 Phone Screens

338 Candidates Interviewed

102 Employees Hired

Accelerated time to hire by 40%
Increased candidate pipeline by 3 times

Increased online job visibility by 400%

Reduced cost per hire from $17,000 to $10,200

"[Since Partnering with Snipebridge] We have seen higher quality candidates than ever before

Principal, Architecture

"You did exactly what you advertised - saved us time and allowed us to do what we enjoy most which is designing

Principal, Interiors

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