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5 Signs It's Time to Rethink Your Hiring Strategy

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

It’s 2019 and you are looking to UP YOUR GAME. Become more efficient, improve quality of hire, increase your ROI and so much more. Employing the RIGHT recruitment strategy is critical in today’s digital-age. PERIOD.

Right strategy is key to hitting your hiring goal

Here are 5 signs that should tell you if your Recruitment Strategy is working for you:

A High New-Hire Attrition/Turnover

Losing a new hire is painful. Wasted recruiting efforts, loss of critical time and productivity, cost of rehiring and's a long list. We believe that employee retention starts at the interview stage. Here are some things you can do to improve new-hire retention at the onset itself:

  • Clearly communicating the right messaging about the company and role

  • Going beyond matching skills and experience and evaluating a fit of personality, culture and values

  • Setting right expectations about the job effort & deliverables and possible career progression

  • Avoiding over-negotiation of compensation

  • Ensuring a great candidate experience during the hiring cycle that leaves the candidate on a high note before joining

When using multiple recruiting vendors, quality and consistency of the messaging and instituting a process that is diligently followed is even harder. A hiring strategy that covers these important aspects is essential, especially in today’s candidate driven market.

Decline in Quality of Candidates

Low candidate closing rate and extremely long hiring cycle are strong indicators that you are suffering from poor candidate quality. There are several reasons for this but the number one reason in today’s low unemployment market is the lack of 'Passive Candidate Strategy'. Men & women always complain that the good ones are already taken, and this holds true even in hiring.

If you can reach the passive candidate and can effectively sell the opportunity, you will certainly get their attention and your hiring manager will be a lot happier with the new hire.

Also, in today’s market, only 18% of professionals are actively looking to switch jobs and you need to work hard to get to them. Here are 4 things you can immediately do to improve the quality of candidates:

  • Improve your ability to sell the opportunity to suitable candidates and execute with a sales mindset.

  • Good candidates receive several calls and emails and if you are not able to get their attention, then you possibly lost out on a great new employee.

  • Effective employer branding through social platforms, job portals and email marketing for positioning the company really well and attracting top quality candidates

  • Create a job description that clearly states the must-haves for the job, this will reduce the number of candidate applications that are not suitable

  • Pick the right platform to market the job. You don’t want to market an Architect position on a platform popular for technology skills

  • Testing candidate skills by giving them assignments is a nice 'try before you buy' experience and helps you shortlist quality candidates for hiring manager interviews

Candidates Ghosting You or Rejecting The Offer

You’ve been priming a candidate who you believe is a perfect fit. They’ve gone through the whole cycle of screening - interview - reference checks and aced it. You can’t wait to have them start. But, for some reason, after receiving the offer, they reject it or even worse they’ve ghosted you.

There are a lot of reasons that are under an employer’s control as to why a candidate may drop off during the recruiting cycle or reject an offer. Here are some important ones:

  • Long drawn interview process - makes them lose interest & seriousness

  • Poor and irregular communication during the process - no candidate wants to keep following up