The Name

The SNIPE bird is known for its sharpness, perseverance, speed and intelligence. It's long, straight pointed bill gives it the ability to probe and find food in toughest of environments like wet grassy areas and flooded meadows. A BRIDGE is the epitome of a positive bond and a win-win relationship. snipebridge is a company with a purpose of building true partnerships with customers and working skillfully and strategically to meet & exceed their talent acquisition needs.


Our Mission

'A result-driven talent solutions leader employing best-in-class practices, agile operating models and innovative technology to strategically and positively impact customer's hiring goals and help them hire right, the first time'

Our Principles



The founders have a collective experience of 30 years between them with a strong background in talent acquisition strategy, operations & process excellence. Prior to snipebridge, they have worked with global services companies and managed talent acquisition for Xerox, Bridgewater Associates, Phillips, Fuji, JC Penney, Verizon, NCR, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Abbott and more.


They understand how issues in sourcing of good talent impacts business and the challenges faced by hiring teams. This hands-on familiarity has empowered them in implementing innovative strategies to not only meet customer’s hiring needs but also align these with customer’s business growth and long term strategy. Founders regularly consult business leaders on a range of HR topics including recruitment process transformation, talent attraction through effective employer branding, diversity recruitment & building talent communities.


snipebridge has a team of experienced professionals who specialize in industry, domain and process enablement to deliver proven value through "Best-In Class" talent solutions. Our engagement management team is well trained in understanding niche talent requirements, propose customized delivery models, establish clear performance standards (SLAs) and continuously measure and fine-tune operations to exceed customer expectations.


Our Story

A company’s success is directly related to the quality of talent it hires and talent acquisition is where it all begins. snipebridge was founded to address the growing challenges seen in the hiring industry. Over the years, very little had changed in the recruiting world where vendors continued to recruit with an old mindset offering zero innovation and delivering poor value.

We decided to take a holistic approach to recruiting and build a company that would go beyond assessing skills and experience. A game changing managed services model, investing in home-grown automation tools for high performance and a scientific assessment process for culture & personality fit have become the fundamental pillars of our business. Our result-driven recruiting solutions align with client's culture, values and business strategy and help them attract the right talent. We develop a comprehensive and scalable recruiting strategy that provides a competitive advantage to our customers in the talent market.

WHY snipebridge

At snipebridge, we start by focusing on the ‘why’ of the customer and ‘what’ they want to achieve. Combining this with customer’s hiring plan, culture & values requisites and timeline, we propose the ‘How’  - An individualized recruitment strategy & execution plan

Subject Matter Experts
Industry, process, domain experts driving individual recruiting function
Innovative Tools
Use of advanced technology in sourcing, communication, assessment, review, reporting including use of AI
Fanatical Customer Success
Razor sharp focus on customer end goal with complete ownership & accountability
Going Beyond The Obvious
Combine skills, expertise, experience assessment with personality, culture, values fitment
Result & Value Driven Approach
Pay for outcome
Metrics / SLA/ KPI driven

" It is beneficial to live and work in a place where you will naturally thrive because your values and beliefs align with the values and beliefs of that culture. The goal is not to hire people who simply have a skill set you need. The goal is to hire people who believe in what you believe"


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