Understanding a clients’ business and the market it serves is extremely vital when acquiring talent. Similar roles in different industries may result in people with completely different skill sets and areas of expertise. Hence, the underlying knowledge of industry and the factors that drive talent within these industries is a must in designing a successful talent acquisition and attraction strategy.

At snipebridge, we ensure that every team assigned to a client engagement has the relevant industry experience. We apply this specialized knowledge to help you find the individuals and teams that excel in your space. We have employed this approach with great success for clients in industries ranging from Architecture & Design, Healthcare, IT & Engineering, Financial Services, Manufacturing to Media & Communication and more.


Architecture & Design

Architecture & design requires a mix of technical, artistic and social talent to design buildings and structures that leave a lasting legacy. Companies in this industry can vary greatly from one another as well as the people who work for them. Our A&D team understands what architectural engineering, building techniques, functional design, ergonomics are all about. This, combined with our experience in working with world renowned firms allows us to not only provide you the most qualified candidates but the most passionate people who love your work as much as you do.


Our team specializes in hiring architects, principals, associates, project managers, design consultants, production artists, purchasing coordinator, operations lead, Contracts administrator and more.


IT & Engineering

As more and more companies transform their business through digital and connected technology solutions, demand for IT and Engineering talent is at an all-time high. This poses a big challenge for companies who have to compete for the best talent.


At snipebridge, our team has deep understanding of software development and implementation as well as IT product engineering areas. We source and acquire talent with skills in Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Social Platform, Cloud/SaaS, infrastructure management and security.


We also work with start-ups and established ISVs in acquiring talent that drives the development and support of innovative products that are disrupting industries.