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SNIPEBRIDGE recruiting team considers candidate experience as the central aspect of the hiring process. Our team aims to excel in its communication and interactions with all our candidates. Although we strive to get it right, we acknowledge that there may be instances where we may have fallen short. As a candidate, your feedback is valuable to us as it keeps us honest about our performance and helps us identify areas for improvement.


We request you to take a moment to share your feedback regarding your experience working with our recruiting team.

Candidate Feedback Form
Your submission is completely ANONYMOUS.

Please rate the SNIPEBRIDGE Recruiter who you worked with on the new job opportunity
Helpfullness throughout the hiring process
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
Providing detailed information about the firm and position
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
Timely responding & keeping you updated during the process
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
Level of professionalism in interacting with you
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
Your overall exprience in working with the SNIPEBRIDGE team
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
Would you recommend SNIPEBRIDGE to your network?
How did you learn about the opportunity?
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