Defining Success

At SNIPEBRIDGE, every customer engagement is modeled around RESULTS. We define success parameters for each requirement and then resourcefully execute to meet it.

Our High Value Experience (HVE) Formula is centered around achieving superior quality of hire, faster time to hire and a great candidate experience.

Leading Architecture & Design House


Architect, Production Artist, Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Job Captain, Spec Writer

Key Stats:

1849 Sourced / 288 Screened 68 Interviewed 16 Hired / 3 Months


Accelerated time to hire by 40%

Reduced cost to hire by 50%

Increased candidate pipeline by 6x

Curving Staircase
Urban Architecture Model
Blueprint Design
Modern Architecture
Geometric Ceiling
Geometric Ceiling

"You did exactly what you advertised - saved us time and allowed us to do what we enjoy most which is designing" 

Principal, Interiors

Niche Healthcare Provider

"my reluctance of trying this new model quickly disappeared after the first hire. We saw real improvements in quality of candidates, time to hire and cost while giving us complete control over our hiring"

Vice President, Administration & Facilities


Nurse Practitioner, Technician, Facilities Administrator

Key Stats:

1120 Sourced / 160 Screened / 32 Interviewed / 10 Hired / 6 Months


Accelerated time to hire by 40%

Reduced cost to hire by 35%

Increased candidate pipeline by 2.5x

Software Product Company

"snipebridge not only helped fill the toughest of roles but also delivered beyond SLA & cost commitment. A truly innovative and committed partner"  

VP, Engineering


Architect​, QA Engineer, Security Engineer, Performance Engineer, Software Developer, Mobile Developer, Cloud Enablement 

Key Stats:

960 Sourced / 212 Screened / 92 Interviewed / 21 Hired / 4 Months


Accelerated time to hire by 33%

Reduced cost to hire by 55%

Increased candidate pipeline by 1.5x

" In picking people for longterm relationships, values are most important, abilities come next, and skills are the least important. Yet most people make the mistake of choosing skills and abilities first and overlooking values. We value people most who have what I call the three C’s: character, common sense, and creativity"



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